We want to welcome you to join us for a Narrative Gathering in San Diego.  This Gathering is envisioned to reflect on the legacy of Michael White and new developments since his passing in San Diego in 2008.  Narrative Initiatives San Diego (NISD) along with Re-Authoring Teaching imagined how we might come together as a local community in San Diego and an international  global community to consider Michael’s influence on the field and how narrative practices have been developed over the last decade to influence each of us and our respective communities in particular ways.  We’re not thinking of this Gathering as a “conference” per se, in the sense of having privileged voices of experts talking and others taking notes.  Rather, we offer a context for community learning, for centering and de-centering practices, for layers of multigenerational, diverse conversations that reflect on a variety of topics, personal, local and global.

A Collaborative Venture: Both NISD and Re-Authoring Teaching as non-profits share common missions.  Both missions include the commitment to protecting, sharing, and expanding Narrative ideas into the future. However, while NISD’s mission centers more around growing the local community in San Diego, Re-Authoring Teaching’s mission focuses on connecting the broader international community. Themes of Local and Global knowledges are shaping this Gathering.

Themes: The following themes will be points of conversation at the Gathering:

  • Reflections from David Epston on the history of Narrative Therapy and the legacy of Michael White
  • Watching a Michael White video with introduction from Tom Carlson
  • Developments within multi-cultural contexts including Spanish-speaking communities with comments from Marcela Polanco
  • New developments in the work of integrative health & embodied narratives with Jan Ewing and Ron Estes
  • Expressive and performative arts with Danielle Drake and Shoshana Simons
  • Race conversations with Travis Heath
  • Global Initiatives with Peggy Sax & international guests
  • Education and Training for the future

We aim to make room for many to speak including those who have not yet had a space to say something about their work publicly. We hope to connect with each other and learn how our work, imaginations, identities and bodies have been affected. Who have we become in the ways we have taken action with Narrative ideas? How are we wanting to continue to shape our lives and work and what we contribute to the field? Where have we been and how shall we move from here? We trust by gathering we will learn more about how we might like to keep Michael’s influences with us as we continue to develop narrative practices into the future.


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